NEW forum! Due to our old forum being hit by spam attacks we have closed down the old forum and open this one! You will need to sign up again and we will work to move old threads over.
Please consider the forum in a 'BETA' state while we work out all the bugs
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  • Forum Rules
  • Rules
    Please Read the Forum rules before posting, Thank you.
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  • Websites
  • Forum
    Anything to do with the forum itself goes here! Including feature requests, bugs etc
    3 discussions 4 comments
  • Website
    Anything to do with the website itself goes here! bug reports, new features items etc.
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  • Wiki
    Anything to do with the Wiki goes here! Including page ideas and request for help etc
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  • Q&A
  • App Q&A
    For all questions to do with the app itself
    6 discussions 15 commentsMost recent: error in terminal = needs expert by abraxasAugust 27
  • Image Q&A
    For all questions to do with the Linux Images
    3 discussions 3 comments
  • General Q&A
    For any questiosn not to do with the app or images
    7 discussions 22 commentsMost recent: Android 5.0 Lollipop by calvinpDecember 4
  • Development
  • App Development
    For anything to do with development of the app, bugs etc
    1 discussion 1 comment
  • Custom Image Development
    Created your own images and want to share with the community? Post here! NOTE that these are not Officially support its down to the images creator to give support
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  • Official Image Development
    For Development of the Official Images including bug reporting etc
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  • Off Topic
  • Anything
    Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.
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  • Introduce Yourself
    Introduce yourself to the forum
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